Policy & Advocacy Management

Chair:Christy Cushing
Board: Carrie Butler, TBA
Officers: Sharon Talboys


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Work Plans & Budget
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Group's Priorities
Resolutions Assigned
Events Assigned
Advocacy Summit
Day at the Legislature
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Policy & Advocacy Management Unit

 Association Leadership Functions:

  • Public Policy Development
  • Advocacy Efforts
  • Educating, Influencing and Lobbying Policy Makers

Association Resources Managed by this Group:


Documenting Association's Advocacy Events and Systems

  Coordinating Advocacy Efforts with Other Institutions  
  Provide Advocacy Input on Requests for Support Requests
Review and Comment on External Requests for UPHA Support
  Track & Respond to State and National Legislation
Maintain Legislation Tracking & Support Decision
Inform Board of Legislation Needing Attention or Alerts
  Managing Advocacy Events
Advocacy Summit
Day at the Legislature
Speak for Health Campaign - APHA



  Managing Advocacy Alerts & Publication
Decide on Need for Advocacy Alert
Decide on Alert Format: Contact Your Legislator, Email, Phone, etc
Write or Obtain Alert Text
Create Alert on Convio
Distribute Alert to Constituents
Review Alert Reports on Actions Taken